Friday, September 20, 2013

The Emmy's 2013! Preview of the Governors Ball Dinner.

Are you ready for the Emmy's??? This year with host Neil Patrick Harris should be a great one. But what do I care about? The food! This year the  Governors Ball  is catered by the Pantina Group. Well known to be one of the best restaurant groups in California. They run restaurants all over Southern California including one in the Walt Disney Music Hall.  The dinner being served included a salad (a gem lettuce salad), the main course  (short rib, filet and potato cake) and finally dessert (a Carmelia Namelka think a fine set pudding) All of this will be set in an amazing setting an enchanted forest at the LA Convention Center.  As you can see from the photos its going to be a magical night. I am really looking forward to the Emmy's! 



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