Thursday, September 26, 2013

EMC Seafood and Raw Bar Shakes Koreatown Up

EMC is an amazing new restaurant in Koreatown. Surprisingly in a Korean neighborhood (in Koreatown of all places ) a modern Chinese restaurant is filling their seats. While I know the dark woods and trendy bar like atmosphere would be a draw for most people I only care about the food, which holds up.  They go back and forth between different seafood styles. They have a line of seafood rolls like lobster, crab, and shrimp. They are stuffed into buttered brioche rolls. The rolls alone are crispy soft little clouds but with my favorites the shrimp and the lobster with a little drawn butter they are amazing.  My favorite dish at EMC is their garlic clams. Cooked with caramelized garlic, cilantro, and jalapeno these aren't the garlic baked clams you will find in Santa Barbra. In fact I actually prefer these and thats saying a lot. This dish does cool pretty quickly so if you order it I would dig in right away (and don't get it on a date because garlic) Rounding out their seafood selections are offering like their raw bar, uni pasta (sea urchin) and fried crab. The fried crab is served with the shell on. Its a experience to chew, crack, and wrestle the meat out. Again not a date friendly dish. I will be back to EMC soon. 

Raw bar

Citrus cheesecake 

clam chowder 

garlic clams 

raw bar 


tempura fried crab 

crab roll 

shrimp roll

lobster roll




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