Monday, August 19, 2013

Pappas Artisanal an Artisan Restaurant Opens in La Verne

Pappas Artisanal is a different kind of restaurant to open in La Verne. It has stuff like a pastor sandwich, Banh Mi tacos, and baked potato fries. For a small town like La Verne you think this would be a shock. But somehow the owners at Pappas have gotten the community hooked and crowds seem to be getting bigger every week the owner has told me. And it should. I never make blanket statements like the one I am about to make because...ts stupid to make comments like these, that being said Pappas is the best restaurant hands down in La Verne. They get that from the pastor sandwich alone (which is a marinated roasted pork with pickled onions and pineapple). Add in their amazing churro tots (3 dollars happy hour) their other sandwiches and the fact the serve homemade raspberry lemonade and its a K.O. punch to any competition in La Verne. 2232 D St Unit 101 La VerneCA 91750



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