Friday, August 30, 2013

Brazil in the IE? The Pub at Chino Hills Opens

The Pub Chino Hills is a new spot right off the 71 freeway a few exits away from the Shopps Chino Hills. The owners are trying to bring new flavors to the Chino Hills community. With their Brazilian chef they have created a upscale neighborhood watering hole. The dishes run from everything from grilled cheese to traditional Brazilian cuisine.  What do I suggest you get? I was a big fan of their short ribs the marinade is a little different from any other preparation I have had. Also you cant go wrong with their buffalo chili with their corn cake/bread. Usually I am not much of a cornbread guy but they is a moist savory cake that complements the chili beautifully. The chili has a few beans but they are garbonzo so they didnt bug a chili purist like me too much. Anyways check these guys out. 5771 Pine Ave
  • Chino Hills, California 91709 

Roasted chicken sandwich was pretty good 

Short Ribs! 

This is good chili 



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